Program- Brasilia

Thursday, December 3, 2015

7:30 am–5:00 pm

Registration and Badge Pickup

6:00 am–8:30 am

Breakfast buffet (Hotel)

8:30 am

Bus departs from hotel

9:00- 10:00am


Celso Pansera – Ministry of State, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil

Douglas P. Climan – Economic Counselor of the US Embassy in Brazil

Eiiti Sato – Advisor for International Relations, University of Brasília

Manoel Augusto Cardoso da Fonseca, SEPIN, Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Jeremy Epstein – NSF Directorate for Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering and Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace Program Director (SaTC)

Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca Filho, Director of the Division of Technological and Scientific Themes, Ministry of Foreign Relations, Brazil

10:00 am – 10:30 am

Brazilian Computer Society Big Challenges in Security

Raimundo Macedo (SBC) and Marinho Barcellos (UFRGS)

10:30 am–11:00 am

Keynote: Global Problems, Global Solutions: Prospecting Opportunities for Joint Research on Computer Security

Marinho Barcellos (UFRGS)


Break with Refreshments

11:30 am–12:15 pm

Panel: Theory x Practice Driven Cryptography: Future Challenges and Opportunities

Panelists: Nadia Heninger (University of Pennsylvania) and Jeroen van de Graaf (UFMG)

Moderator: Marcos Simplicio (University of Sao Paulo)

12:15am- 1:00pm

Panel: Cyber Security Technology Transfer and the Education of the Next Generation of Security Professionals

Panelists: Jorge Henrique Cabral Fernandes (UnB), Patrick Traynor, University of Florida and founder of Pindrop Security

Moderator: Wagner Meira, UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais



2:15 pm–2:45 pm

Panel: Research Challenges for Secure Electronic Voting

Panelists: Matt Bishop, University of California Davis, and Diego Aranha, UNICAMP – University of Campinas

Moderator: Daniel Figueiredo, UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

2:45 pm–4:15 pm Breakout Sessions

Participants will choose a theme and can suggest other themes. The idea is to have group discussions on Thursday and Friday in the afternoon about challenges and visions for solutions and discoveries related to the subject. The group will produce a report that Priscila and Daniela will aggregate to a final report to NSF/DHS/MCTI. Each group will do a 10 min presentation on Friday with the summary of the findings. If a theme does not have enough representation, it will be removed. We are looking for session leaders and scribes!

  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
  • Software and Hardware Verification for Security
  • Human Factors in Cyber Security and Privacy
  • Web security across ALL your devices (PC, smart phones, IoT) – Leader: Parisa Tabriz (Google)
  • Integration and Command and Control (C2) of Cyber Defenses – Leader: Marco Carvalho (Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Security for Lightweight IoT Devices – Leader: David Ott (Intel)
  • Cyber Crime, Malware and Intrusion Detection
  • Science of Cyber Security

4:15 pm–4:30pm

Break with refreshments

4:30 pm–5:30 pm

Rapid-Fire Cross-Collaborations

One-on-one scheduled meetings with other attendees. Pairs will be selected randomly between an American and a Brazilian researcher to provoke inter-field discussions and opportunities.


Bus departs from University of Brasilia to the Hotel

7:30pm – 10:00pm

Reception and Social Event – Rubaiyat Restaurant

Friday, December 4, 2015

7:30 am–5:00 pm

Registration and Badge Pickup

6:00 am–8:30 am

Breakfast buffet (Hotel)


Bus departs from Hotel to the University of Brasilia

9:00 – 9:30 am

Opening Session

José Jair Wermann, Technical Scientific Division, Department of Homeland Security. Brazil

Jim Kurose, Assistant Director, Directorate for Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering;

Douglas Maughan, Division Director, Department of Homeland Security;

9:30 am–10:30 am

Funding Opportunities for US-Brazil Collaborations

Wanderson Paim, CTIC, Center for Research and Development in Digital Technologies for Information and Communication

Wenjing Lou, Program Director, NSF Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace Program

Moderator: Edmundo Souza e Silva, UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

10:30 am–11:00 am

Break with Refreshments

11:00 am–11:45 am

Panel: Are Privacy and Security Mutually Exclusive?

Michelle Mazurek, University of Maryland, and Mario Alvim, UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais

Moderator: Jean Martina, UFSC – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

11:45 am–12:30 pm

Malware, Intrusion Detection and Cyber Crime
Manuel Egele, Boston University

Moderator: Ricardo Custodio, UFSC – Federal University of Santa Catarina

12:30 pm–1:30 pm


1:30 pm–2:45 pm

Breakout sessions continue

2:45 – 3:15pm

Break with Refreshments

3:15 – 4:30pm

Breakout session presents summary of reports

4:30 Closing Session

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